Salesforce Development & Administration Training Curriculum

Section 1: Configuration
CRM Overview
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Salesforce Basics
Understanding SFDC UI
Personal Setup
Reset Person Info ~ Password ~ Security Token
Understanding Salesforce Editions
Understanding Salesforce Licenses
Configuring Company Setup
Security and Identity Confirmation
Section 2: Data Utilities
Creating ~ Editing ~ Deleting: Records
Mass Data Operations
Mass Upload ~ Mass Update ~ Mass Delete ~ Mass Transfer
Exporting Data
Scheduling Exports
Data Storage Usage
Data Loader
Section 3: Data Modeling
Introduction to SFDC Components
Customizing Standard SFDC Components
Creating Custom SFDC Components
Understanding Data Structure
SFDC Data Components – Overview
Data Relationships
Lookup Relations
Master Detail Relationships
Many to Many Relationship
Junction Objects
Creating Field Dependencies
Section 4: Administration
Converting Leads
Defining Password Policies
Managing Users
Managing Roles
Managing Profiles
Organization Wide Default
Defining Sharing Rules
Field Level Security
Field Accessibilities
Section 5: Customization
Customizing Email Templates
Creating Email Templates
Mass Emails
Introduction to SFDC Home Pages
Customizing Home Page Layouts
Creating Custom Home Pages
Customizing Page Layouts
Customizing Display – Tabs & Pages
Customizing Views
Creating and Managing User Groups
Creating Service Cloud Console
Section 6: Business Logics
Automation using Formulas
Defining Validation Rules
Creating SFDC Flows
Email Alerts
Automatic Field Updates
Assigning Tasks
Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
Section 7: Reporting & Analytics
Working with Standard Reports
Creating reports
Report Formats
Controlling Report Accessibility
Scheduling Reports
Defining Report Types
Including Charts
Creating Dashboards
Dashboard Refreshes
Section 8: Visual force
Custom Controllers
Custom List Controllers
Controller Extensions
Overriding Standard Pages
Using Input Components
Visualforce Page Blocks
Creating Email Templates with Visualforce
Creating VF Pages in IDE
Configuring Development Mode
Creating VF Pages in UI
Standard Controllers
Standard List Controllers
Visualforce Forms
Custom List Controllers
Adding Interactivity to Pages
HTML in Visualforce
CSS in Visualforce
JAVASCRIPT in Visualforce
AJAX in Visualforce
Section 9: APEX
Basics – OOPS Concept
Understanding Classes
Introduction to APEX
Data Types
Assignment Statements
Conditional (If-Else) Statements
Creating APEX Classes in IDE
SOSL-Salesforce Object Search Language
SOQL-Salesforce Object Query Language
Creating APEX Classes in UI
Creating APEX Triggers in IDE
Creating APEX Triggers in UI
Understanding APEX Methods
Creating Search Layouts
Sending Mass Emails busing APEX
Creating UI Wizard using APEX
Creating Test Classes
Section 10: AppExchange
Creating Packages
Deploying Apps to AppExchange
Introduction to AppExchange
Installing Apps from AppExchange
Section 11: Integration
Creating Sites
Creating Customer & Partner Portals
Distributing Packages
Deploying Apps to other Org
Web to Lead
Uploading Apps
Section 2: Development on IDE
Working on Eclipse
Configuring IDE
Creating Projects
Working with Metadata Components
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  • 40 Days
  • Course Certificate