Big Data and Hadoop Developer – Online Training Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
What is Hadoop?
History of Hadoop
Building Blocks – Hadoop Eco-System
Who is behind Hadoop?
What Hadoop is good for and why it is Good
Section 2: HDFS
Configuring HDFS
Interacting With HDFS
HDFS Permissions and Security
Additional HDFS Tasks
HDFS Overview and Architecture
HDFS Installation
Hadoop File System Shell
File System Java API
Section 3: Map Reduce
Map/Reduce Overview and Architecture
Developing Map/Red Jobs
Input and Output Formats
Job Configuration
Job Submission
Practicing Map Reduce Programs (atleast 10 Map Reduce Algorithms )
Section 4: Getting Started With Eclipse IDE
Configuring Hadoop API on Eclipse IDE
Connecting Eclipse IDE to HDFS
Section 5: Hadoop Streaming
Section 6: Advanced MapReduce Features
Custom Data Types
Input Formats
Output Formats
Partitioning Data
Reporting Custom Metrics
Distributing Auxiliary Job Data
Section 7: Distributing Debug Scripts
Section 8: Using Yahoo Web Services
Section 9: Pig
Pig Overview
Pig Latin
Pig with HDFS
Section 10: Hive
Hive Overview
Hive QL
Hive Unstructured Data Analyzation
Hive Semistructured Data Analyzation
Section 11: HBase
HBase Overview and Architecture
HBase Installation
HBase Shell
CRUD operations
Scanning and Batching
HBase Key Design
Section 12: ZooKeeper
Zoo Keeper Overview
Server Mantainace
Section 13: Sqoop
Sqoop Overview
Imports and Exports
Section 14: Configuration
Basic Setup
Important Directories
Selecting Machines
Cluster Configurations
Small Clusters: 2-10 Nodes
Medium Clusters: 10-40 Nodes
Large Clusters: Multiple Racks
Section 15: Integrations
Section 16: Putting it all together
Distributed installations
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