Informatica Level 2 Developer Course – (Advanced)

Informatica is the most widely used ETL tool in the industry today. ETL is the short form of Extract, Transform …

    Informatica is the most widely used ETL tool in the industry today. ETL is the short form of Extract, Transform and Load. Informatica combines three processes which are:

    • Extraction of data from the source file;
    • Transformation of the required file type from the original type to the required type so that it can be accessed from the target source and;
    • Loading the files into the target Database or Data Warehouse.

    What does this course offer me?

    • Introduction to Data Warehouse
    • What is Data warehouse and why we need Data Warehouse
    • Star schema/Snowflake schema/Galaxy Schema
    • Dimensions/Facts Tables
    • ETL (Extract-transform-load) Overview
    • Informatica PowerCenter as an ETL Tool
    • Architecture and Software Overview
    • Definition of Domain, Repositories, Integration Services
    • Overview of Informatica PowerCenter Administration Console
    • Introduction to Designer Interface
    • Introduction to Workflow Manager Interface
    • Introduction to Workflow Monitor
    • Introduction to Repository Manager
    • Nature of ODBC in the Designer
    • Source Object Definitions
    • Target Object Definitions
    • Defining a Data Flow Diagram
    • Transformation Objects and Views
    • Source Definition and Source Qualifier
    • Pre-SQL and Post-SQL Rules
    • Monitoring Workflows
    • Debugger Features
    • Transformation in Informatica PowerCenter Space
    • Source Qualifier Transformation Overview
    • Expression Transformation
    • Filter Transformation
    • Sorter Transformation
    • Aggregator Transformation
    • Joiner Transformation
    • Lookup Transformation
    • Unconnected Lookups
    • Update Strategy Transformation
    • Router Transformation
    • Sequence Generator Transformation
    • Normalizer Transformation
    • Union Transformation
    • Parameters and Variables
    • Mapplets
    • Reusable Transformations
    • Workflow Configuration
    • Reusable Tasks and Non-Reusable Tasks
    • Worklets

    Why does Informatica lead the ETL Market?

    • Informatica enables Lean Integration Model, hence saving a lot of technology resources and cost;
    • High “GO Live” success rate .Informatica claims the highest ration of successful deployment which it says is near 100%;
    • Product rate of renewal and customer loyalty (94% and 92% ) is significantly higher than the industry average;
    • Easy training and tool availability compared to other tools;
    • Reduced training costs;
    • Informatica is moderately expensive tool as compared to its competitors such as Ab Initio;
    • Ease of use, Re-usability , Debugging, and Connectivity;
    • Informatica comes with an Internal Scheduler unlike many other ETL tools where one needs to use a third party Scheduler;
    • Informatica follows mainstream marketing strategy where it leverages paper work, press release, web forums and network community. This provides it leading edge and presence in the ETL space. Other ETL players pursue mostly direct client marketing.

    Course Requirements

    • You are self-driven and motivated to learn.
    • Participation in this course requires consistently spend least 10 hours per week to your exercises
    • You can communicate in written and spoken English.
    • You have access to a computer with a broadband connection, on which you’ll install a professional code/text editor

    Who is the target audience?

    • Fresh Graduates
    • Students
    • Database Developers looking for exposure to an ETL Tool
    • ETL Developers looking to hone their skills in Informatica or wanting to apply for a Certification
    • Anyone from the IT or non-IT field who is looking for a career in the QA field

    Future Job Profiles

    • Informatica Developer
    • Informatica Administrator
    • Enterprise Business Intelligence Developer

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    • $999.00
    • 45 Days
    • Course Certificate