ETL Testing – Online Training Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
What is Data ware house and what is database
What is ETL
Section 2: DWH Architecture and ETL Process
DWH Architecture
Components of ETL Process
Section 3: ETL Phases and Environment
ETL Testing Environment
ETL Test phases
Section 4: ETL Testing Methodology
Roles & responsibilities of Tester in ETL and Database Testing
ETL Testing methodologies
Section 5: ETL Specifications
What is Fact Table
What is Dimension Table
What is Star Schema
What is Snow Flake Schema
Section 6: ETL explained in detail
Types of database uses in ETL testing
Data model/mapping documents explain in detail
ETL phases explanation in details
Section 7: ETL Testing Tools
ETL Testing Tools
The DB component: What is a Data-Based Application
Section 8: Data Base Concepts: Basics
Relational Database and Non - Relational Database
Types of Data Integrity
Section 9: Data Base Concepts: Basics…continued
Lack of data integrity introduces bugs
Identifying Design Defects
Section 10: Database Concepts: Advanced
What is Database Normalization
Understanding Normalization: First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form
Section 11: Database Concepts: Advanced…continued
Normalization Bugs
Understanding De-normalization
Identifying poor design; developing Test cases
Section 12: Revision and Review
Revision of contents covered till Session 10 and review of test cases designed by students
Section 13: SQL
Introduction to SQL
SQL essentials
Section 14: SQL Advanced
SQL Advanced level queries for Testing
Testing Database Objects
Section 15: UNIX Basics
UNIX Introduction
Basics of UNIX
Section 16: Unix Commands
Writing commands and usage
Advanced level commands
Section 17: Unix Shell Scripting
Introduction to Shell script
Section 18: Automation Testing : Approach and tools
Automation Testing : Approach and tools ( back-end testing)
Section 19: Resume Writing
Resume Writing
Section 20: Interview Preparation and Tips
Interview Preparation and Tips