Become a Talend Developer Curriculum

Section 1: Talend installation
Section 2: Overview of Talend architecture
Section 3: Creating project and import/export project
Section 4: Overview about Repository, Designer, Pallete
Section 5: Explanation about different type of components and its setting
Section 6: Creating different types of Jobs - Master jobs / Child jobs / Quality jobs
Section 7: Mapping Data flows
Section 8: Declaration of local and global Context variables
Section 9: Execution logging and Data Viewers
Section 10: Applying security with hashing technology
Section 11: Export & Import the jobs
Section 12: Different types of deployment
Section 13: Scheduling the jobs with batch file and shell script
Section 14: Routines development
Section 15: Using SQL Templates
Section 16: Introduction to Components development
Section 17: Overview about Big Data Components and MongoDB components
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  • 40 Days
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