Become a Python and Django Developer Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Python
Understanding the Open Source
Installation of Python in LInux/Windows
Understanding Interpreters
Getting Started With Python
Setting up various IDEs
Setting up using PEP8
Creating the first Python Program
How to Run Python Programs
Section 2: Types and Operators
Introduction to Data Types
Type Casting in Python
Various ways of Printing
Boolean Operators
Playing with Numbers
Playing with Strings
Doc String & Comments
Accepting Inputs
Section 3: Modules
Advanced Templates
Tags and Filters
Template Inheritance
Section 4: Data Structures
What are Lists
Mutable Lists
In Operator
Traversing a List
List Operations
Converting a List to String
Converting a String to List
Aliasing in Lists
Functions in LIsts
What is Tuples
Indexing in Tuples
Slicing in Tuples
Immutable Tuples
Packing and Unpacking
Lists and Tuples
Functions in Tuples
Section 5: Dictionaries
What are Dictionaries?
Keys and Values
In Operator
Looping in Dictionaries
Lookups in Dictionaries
Dictionaries and Tuples
Functions in Dictionaries
Dictionaries vs. Sets
Section 6: Control Statements
Conditional Statements
Looping Statements
Section 7: Functions
Function Basics
Scope Rules in Functions
Understanding the return Keyword
Argument Passing
Understanding the Doc Strings
List Comprehensions
Lamda, Map, Filters
Understanding the Closures
Section 8: Files
Fancier Ouput Formatting
Reading and Writing Files
Methods of File Objects
Buffering in Files
Parsing an XML File
Parsing an XLS File
Output using Pickles
Introduction to Sub Process, OS
Section 9: Regular Expressions
Understanding the Regular Expressions
Getting Started
Compiling a Pattern
Flags - Ignore Case, Detail
Working with Multiple Flags
Search vs. Match
Raw String Notations
Special Characters
Section 10: Exceptions
What are Exceptions?
Simulating Errors
Various Types of Exceptions
Exception Handling (try, except, else, finally)
Trapping Errors
Raising Exceptions
Customized Exceptions
Section 11: Debugging
Introduction to Debugging
Debugging using IDE
Various Modes to get to pdf
Playing with the Trace Mode
Section 12: Logging
Understanding Logging
When to use Logging
Understanding the Log levels
Understanding Stream Handling using Bas
ic Config
Understanding Logger
Understanding Handlers
Understanding Formatters
Understanding Filters
Demo: Playing with sys log Handlers
Demo: Playing with the Stream Handlers
Demo: Playing with the File Handlers
Section 13: Multi-threading
Section 14: Classes
OOP: What is Object Oriented Programming
Understanding the Classes in Python
Lets Create a Bank Account
Using the Class Statement
Methods in Classes
Understanding Inheritance
Understanding Polymorphism
Understanding Encapsulation
Operator Overloading
Section 15: Socket Programming
Understanding the Basics
Working with Sockets
Programming a Socket Server
Demo: Common Chat Application
Demo: FAQ Chat Application
Demo: Port Scanning Software
Section 16: Data Anlysis Basics
Section 17: Database Connectivity
Working with mysql Databases
Python and MySql
Integration with various Databases
Introduction to ORM and sqlalchemy
Section 18: CGI Programming
Getting Started with CGI
Configuring Apache
Configuring CGI
Section 19: Introduction to Python Frameworks
Section 20: Python Projects
Section 21: Introduction to Django
What is a Framework?
What is MVC Framework
Why Django
Getting Started
A Good IDE
Install the Django
Section 22: Getting Started with Django
Creating the first Project
Creating the Project
Integrating the Project to Sublime Project
Running the Server
Solving the Issues
Our First User
Hellow World!!
My First Hello World!!
Section 23: Basic Temlates
Working with Templates
Render the Templates
Adding our first first app to file
Template DIRS
Section 24: Setting up the Models
Database in Python
Database Setup
Sqlite Browser
Working with Databases
Default Database
Updated Database
Creating the Database Schema in db.sqlite3
Populate the values in sqlite Database
How to login to the Database
How to check for the description of the Tables
How to insert the values into the Tables
Check the contents using the Shell
Section 25: Working with the Admin
Managing the Admin
Integrating your application with the Admin
How to register our app to Admin Site
How the Admin Site works
When and Why to Use th eAdmin Interface-and When Not to
Section 26: Models and Templates
Models and Templates
Integration of the Models with the Templates
Adding a new field to the Model
Section 27: Advanced Templates
Advanced Templates
Tags and Filters
Template Inheritance
Section 28: Forms
Working with Forms
Modification to the
Modification to the
Setting up the
Creating of the Templates
Sending a Email
Modifying the files
Modifying the files
Modifying the
Modular Forms
Modification to
Modification to
Modification to
Modification to
Crispy Forms
Installation to the Crispy Forms
Adding the crispy_forms to the
Making our application ready for Bootstrap
Modifications in the address-form.html and contact.html
Section 29: Bootstrap to Django
Section 30: Static Files
Static Files
Points to be noted
How it works internally
Create a new App
Settings Contents
Static Contents
Template Contents
Views Content
Urls Content
What happened here (STATICFILES_DIRS)
What happened here (STATIC_ROOT)
Why this happened
Section 31: Caching
Setting up the Cache
Database Caching
File System Caching
The Per Site Cache
The Per View Cache
Section 32: Django Toolbar
Django Debug Toolbar
Quick Setup
Section 33: Template Inheritance in Django Using Bootstrap
Section 34: Django Registration Redux
Section 35: Advanced Database Concepts
Advanced Models
Playing in the Shell
Acessing the Foreign Key Values
Section 36: Django Extensions
Django Extensions
Adding to the
Section 37: Django REST APIs
Working with the REST API
Adding the tasty pie App to file
Creating the Resources
Hooking up the Resources
Creating more Resources
Limiting Data and Access
Section 38: Django Debugging
Django Debug Toolbar
Django Extensions
Section 39: Logging in Django
Section 40: Production Ready
Making the Django code Production ready
First Modification
Second Modification
Modification 3
Section 41: Django Projects