Become a Python and Django Developer

Become a Python and Django Developer – this online training course offers everything to bag top high salary Python and …

    Become a Python and Django Developer – this online training course offers everything to bag top high salary Python and Django Developer jobs in the industry.

    Irrespective of your experience and education in IT, at end of this course you will be confident to start your first project as a professional Python and Django Developer.

    Our Python and Django training online course offers job placement assistance, resume / interview questions preparation, on-job support* and class recordings.

    Eduzza’s Python and Django training course is custom made and will include practical projects in both Python and Django. Hands-on practice on these projects will prepare you for your next project with a Fortune 500 client of ours.

    Python and Django Salary Trend

    The average salary for “Python Django developer” ranges from approximately $113,635 per year for Full Stack Developer to $127,181 per year for Back End Developer.

    What does this course offer me?

    Eduzza’s Become a Python and Django Developer training is designed to help you become a top Python/Django developer

    Python Training (40 hours)

    Django Training (40 hours)

    Python Training

    • Introduction to Python
    • Types and Operators
    • Data Structures
    • Modules
    • Control Statements
    • Functions
    • Files and Regular Expressions
    • Exceptions
    • Debugging
    • Classes
    • Socket Programming
    • CGI Programming
    • Database Connectivity
    • Introduction to Python Frameworks

    Django Training

    • Introduction to Django
    • Getting Started with Django
    • Basic Templates
    • Setting up the Models
    • Models and Templates
    • Working with the Admin
    • Advanced Templates
    • Forms
    • Bootstrap to Django
    • Django Debugging
    • Django Extensions
    • Advanced Database Concepts
    • Django REST API
    • Django – Production Ready

    See detailed course Become a Python and Django Developer and the curriculum here.


    Who is the target audience?

    • Someone looking to transition from a non IT background into the IT field
    • Someone looking to switch from one IT field to another
    • College graduates looking to begin or advance their career in the Data Science, Data Analysis, or pure web developemnt field


    Python/Django Developer Job Description

    A Python Django developer writes server-side web applications using Django framework. This developer typically writes code and develops back-end components for applications, and then integrate their work with front-end developers. They are also responsible for testing, troubleshooting, and debugging application code. Responsibilities will generally include writing and implementing software solutions to integrate different systems, writing reusable and testable code and supporting new projects with a Level-3 perspective, designing and implementing low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications, and also implementing security and data protection using the Django framework.


    Future Job Profiles

      • Data Analyst
      • Data Scientist
      • Big Data Developer
      • Python/Django Developer
      • Python/Django Developer

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