Become a Django Developer

Become a Django Developer – this online training course offers everything to bag top high salary Django Developer jobs in …

    Become a Django Developer – this online training course offers everything to bag top high salary Django Developer jobs in the industry.

    Irrespective of your experience and education in IT, at end of this course you will be confident to start your first project as a professional Django Developer.

    Our Django Developer training online course offers job placement assistance, resume / interview questions preparation, on-job support* and class recordings.

    Eduzza’s Django Developer training course is custom made and will include practical projects in Python framework Django. Hands-on practice on these projects will prepare you for your next project with a Fortune 500 client of ours.

    Django Salary Trend

    The average annual pay for a Python Django Developer in the United States is $101,428 a year.

    What does this course offer me?

    Eduzza’s Become a Django Developer training is designed to help you become a top Django developer

    Django Training (40 hours)

    Django Training

    • Introduction to Django
    • Getting Started with Django
    • Basic Templates
    • Modules
    • Setting up the Models
    • Working with the Admin
    • Advanced Templates
    • Forms
    • Bootstrap to Django
    • Caching
    • Socket Programming
    • Django Toolbar
    • Template Inheritance in Django Using Bootstrap
    • Django Registration Redux
    • Advanced Database Concepts
    • Django Extensions
    • Django Debugging
    • Logging in Django
    • Production Ready
    • Django Projects

    See detailed course Become a Django Developer and the curriculum here.


    Who is the target audience?

    • Someone looking to transition from a non IT background into the IT field
    • Someone looking to switch from one IT field to another
    • College graduates looking to begin or advance their career in the Web Development field


    Django Developer Job Description

    A Django Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. Some of the job responsibilities include development of all server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end; integrating the front-end elements built by your co-workers into the application.

    Why should you learn Django?

    Django is an MVT web framework used to build web applications. It defines itself as a “batteries included” web framework, with robustness and simplicity to help web developers write clean, efficient and powerful code. It is among the most famous web frameworks out there in the world and it’s one of the most used frameworks as well. It’s used by Instagram, Youtube, Google and even NASA for their website. So let’s break it down even further to learn more about it. These are some of the reasons why you should learn Django:

    1. Django has numerous built-in packages
      Django comes with a lot of stuff out of the box, that you may or may not use depending on your application. Instead of having to write your own code, you just need to import the packages that you want to use. It includes various important packages such as 1) Authentication with auth package, 2) Admin interfacing with admin package, 3) Session management with Sessions package, 4) Managing temporary or session-based messages with Messages package, 5) Generating Google sitemap XML with Sitemaps package, 6) Postgres special features with Postgres Package, 7) Hooking into “types” of content with content types framework
    2. Django is built using Python
      Python being one of the easiest language to learn for someone who is a beginner, and since Django is a Python framework, it is slowly but surely overtaking PHP as scripting language.
    3. Community
      Django’s community is one of the best things about it, they are helpful and actively working on making the framework more beginner-friendly and stabilizing the framework while adding new features. Django’s documentation is quite thorough and is useful as a standalone tutorial, it will help you wrap your head around various features so you can use it as a primary source of information.
    4. Scalable
      Most developers, when thinking about picking up a framework plan for the future in their choice. That’s why picking a scalable framework is quite essential for many, and Django is just that. It allows you to take a lot of different actions regarding scalability, as Nigel points out in his article, such as running separate servers for the database, the media and the application itself or even use clustering or load-balancing to distribute the application across multiple servers.


    Future Job Profiles

      • Data Analyst
      • Data Scientist
      • Big Data Developer
      • Python/Django Developer

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    • 40 Days